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pro·duc·tion (pro-duk-shun) noun;  Abbr. prod.

1. The act or process of producing: timber used for the production of lumber and paper. b. The fact or process of being produced: a movie going into production.

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Creative Content Development

We give birth to unique and innovative ideas - it's the essence of what we do, and for over 20 years consistency has been the hallmark of our creative efforts. When we lead, others followed as demonstrated by the TV projects we've created and developed:
> Stanley T. In Da House (1993 -1994) WTXF Fox TV
   [music celebrity reality series]
> New York Mondo Collection (1996 - 1999) SkyPerfect TV, Japan [underground ny reality series]
> Jazz Live from New York (1996 - 2001) NHK HDTV, Japan [live concert series]
> That's Music from New York (2000 - 2002) NHK HDTV, Japan [live concert series]
> Open Bar Atlantic City (2005) TV Pilot for Comcast, CN8

Robin C. Adams: Producer/Director


C. Adams has worked in the broadcast television industry for twenty-six years, eleven of those years spent producing and directing numerous video and TV projects including an award-winning live music concert series taped in the HDTV format for Japanese TV.

As a director of photography and cameraman, Mr. Adams combines a unique blend of news-documentary and entertainment video elements to create television programs that deliver messages with poignant imagery and style.

RKV entertainment

As the production unit of RKV, Inc. we specialize in the creation and development of music and entertainment based projects for film and broadcast television.


John A. Adams:
Music Composer/Arranger/ Producer
John A. Adams has a career that has spanned over 30 years to date. In 1974, he led his first band SCORPIO to success winning second-place in a local talent contest. Subsequently John attended Music and Art High School and led several Jazz fusion and funk bands - finally settling down to compose, arrange and produce music. Mr. Adams has worked as a keyboardist for artists such as JEFF FOX & THE (98.7 Kiss FM) Wake Up Club Band, Al Jarreau, Atlantic Starr, Noel Pointer, Bob Baldwin, Vertical Hold and Cuba Gooding and The Main Ingredient.
Currently as the President of RKV Music Group, John continues to write and produce as a BMI writer and publisher and a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).


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