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The 1970's / 80's

1973 - 1987
At age 13 I was the neighborhood's premier bass player in a band called, TSB: The Scorpio Band - at one point consisting of twelve members which included 2 brothers, 4 cousins and a host of friends from Hollis, Queens and from our neighborhood in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.
I stayed with TSB through its transformation into "Arrival" which eventually disbanded in 1987.

Scorpio circa 1974 (RCA bottom center)

Scorpio "Live" circa 1974

RCA (age 13) on the bass and Tony Conley on the conga drum

Music is still my life today.....

The Scorpio Band 1975
RCA (lower left) on the bass guitar

John J. Adams circa 1982

"Arrival" circa 1983/84 - (RCA 3rd from left)

The Scorpio Band and subsequently, Arrival, was managed by my dad, John Adams, Sr. who passed away at age 71 on his birthday - June 7, 2001.