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en·ter·tain·ment (enītr-tayn'ment) noun.

1. The act of entertaining. 2. The art or field of entertaining.

3. Something that amuses, pleases, or diverts, especially a performance or show.

4. The pleasure afforded by being entertained; amusement: The comedian performed for our entertainment.

5. That which occurs when RKV + Inspiration, Creativity, and Desire merge to = unparalleled achievement....

e = RKV

 Robin C. Adams: a New York based producer & director with more than 20 years experience in video production and television broadcasting, recently wrapped production on two award-winning Japanese televison series for NHK HDTV Japan.

q       Director of photography: New Yorkers, the mega-hit 20 minute weekly documentary series, takes a slice-of-life look into the lives of regular New Yorkers who creatively combine the many facets of their busy and often hectic life schedules work, play, family and friends along with the joy, pain, comedy and tragedy that goes along with it. 

(10 seasons)

q       Program series producer/live concert director:  Music Live from New York, a live concert 7 camera production with selected programs also taped in the HDTV format for PBS America.

(6 seasons)


most recent television production accomplishments: 

1993 - 1994  Stanley T. In Da House - music/celebrity TV series, WTXF Fox 29 Philadelphia producer/director

1996 - 1998   New York Mondo Collection - Underground NY scene TV series, (Mondo 21) PerfecTV, Japan - producer

1997 - 1998   Hot Shots - Urban lifestyle and culture TV series, PerfecTV, Japan producer/director

1999 - Present   NBC News, The Today Show, MSNBC live remotes - cameraman

1999 - 2001   NHK HD Live From New York - Live Music Concert Series - NHK HDTV Series producer/director

2002 -Thats Music from New York - Live HDTV music concert series airing on NHK HDTV in Japan - Director

Currently in production - NHK Japan: New York Streets - a weekly HDTV documentary series which journeys into the lives of New York residents via their neighborhoods and surrounding environment. - Director of Photography





Live Music Concert Production:

NHK HDTV Japan/America

q       Christina Aguilera

q       Kiss

q       Kool & The Gang

q       Moby

q       Cheap Trick

q       Mary J. Blige

q       Pink

q       The Baha Men

q       James Taylor

q      James Brown

q       Amel Larrieux

q       Cindy Blackman

q       Gato Barbieri

q       Diane Schuur




Robin C. Adams: President


Mary J. Blige and Director, RC. Adams


You can e-mail us at:

RKVentertainment * 1169 Ocean Avenue * Penthouse 1 * Brooklyn, NY * 11230