At 5:00 am on November 11, 1962, John Joseph Adams & Otilia Yvonne Adams gave birth to a  9 lb. 1oz. baby boy - their second child – and named him Robin Carlton Adams (RCA).


By age 8, a straight A student, RCA along with his brother John constructed 2 guitars made from cardboard, paper stuffing, wood, and rubber bands – and “rehearsed”

to the music of The Jackson 5; the music played from a cardboard and vinyl record cut from the back of a cereal box…the rest is music history.


In 1973, RCA and John formed the band Scorpio along with cousins Eric on drums and Ronald on guitar. RCA played a bass created from an electric guitar with the E and B strings removed, and John played an Emenee Electric Air Organ, a toy organ powered by an air fan.  Scorpio, later that year won second place in a local elementary school talent show and the group expanded to 12 members, all friends and relatives. “Our parents were so proud, they went out and bought us real instruments,” laughs RCA.

“Pretty soon we were just like Earth, Wind & Fire – costumes and all!”  

Shortly thereafter, Scorpio became The Scorpio Band (TSB).


In 1975, TSB made its first movie, The Scorpion’s Sting and thus was the start of Robin C. Adams’ career as a filmmaker. For the next 7 years Adams wrote, produced and directed over 10 short films – with the help of friends and family cast as actors. In the summer of 1976 “Kidsworld” the nationally syndicated CBS television series written and hosted by kids, purchased one of RCA’s movies entitled, “Super-T” for $100 which “…at the time was a hell of a lot of money for a 15 year-old filmmaker!” says, Adams who knew exactly what his career would be for the next 25 years….

RCA Career & Education TimeLine


High School: Broadcast Engineering      Brooklyn College / CNN New York   

 1976 ----------------->1980                          RKVideography -  formed 1986



CNN Staff Cameraman


WNBC-TV Cameraman      NBC News Network Cameraman               

1988 ---------->1990            1990--------------------> Present                 

                                                   V.P. BBP, Inc -> 1990 – 2001                     


RKVentertainment, Inc. – President/CEO

2001-------------------------> Present                                                 


                                             RKV Enterprises    ------>   RKV/Brooklyn Group

                                                                      2003-------> Present


                                             2002-------> Present   



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