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Productions: 1993 - 2003

"Wingspan" magazine article - "New Yorkers, NHK TV"

One of the longest running series on NHK-TV Japan


Robin C. Adams has worked as a director/dp/cameraman on New Yorkers for ten (10) years - the entire duration of the weekly mega-hit documentary tv series which aired its final program on March 21, 2003.
Sali Oguri, the muli-talented host of "New Yorkers" and classically trained pianist, is truly an amazing R&B/POP/Jazz vocalist, composer and producer.

"Wingspan" in-flight magazine ANA Airlines Japan


There have been a total of 432 shows produced over the 10 year lifespan of "New Yorkers."

RC Adams leads the crew on a Brooklyn Bridge Shoot

New Yorkers show# 416
Adams and his sound engineer

Final "New Yorkers" shoot: Jan 2003
LtoR: Adams, host - Sali Oguri, Director - Shiho Kataoka, & Sound Engineer - Syuji Honda