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Productions: 1993 - 2003

"Max in New York" - Fuji TV Japan

Japan's superstar female pop group

"Max In New York"
R.C. Adams on location with Max


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"Max" consists of four female singer-dancers ranging in age from 19 to 25; considered one of Japan's premier superstar pop music groups, they were a pleasure to work with on this music video/documentary for Fuji Television.
"Max In New York" is directed by top Japanese music video/film director, Toru Matsuura; since 1996, R.C. Adams has been Mr. Matsuura's choice Director of Photography on all of his productions shot in North America.

The "A" Team
Adams and Matsuura

Adams sets up a crane shot

Matsuura at the helm

Robin C. Adams has worked on over 500 Japanese TV and video productions since September 1989.