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NHK HDTV: James Brown in Concert
R. Adams: TV Series Director

NHK HDTV: Latin Music Concert
R. Adams: Live Director

Michael Helman: Producer

Production Partner: Brooklyn Films

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July, 2003 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
R.C.Adams on the road once again - shoots segments for a 2 hour
TV Asahi special, "Miracle Survivors" to air in September, 2003.
Using the Sony PD-150, Adams shoots b-roll and interviews with Faustina Mercedes - "Angelita del Mar", who after being stranded on a small boat with family members as they attempted to escape to Puerto Rico in shark infested waters, kept everyone including herself alive by feeding them her breast milk.
May, 2003 - New York, N.Y.
Robin C. Adams, one of 5 top NYC DP/cameramen, shoots "Trading Places" special series for the "Today Show."
March, 2003 - New York, N.Y.
Robin C. Adams has just signed on as Director of Photography for a new weekly TV documentary series, "New York Streets".
"Streets" is a 20 minute program on NHK HDTV Japan which explores the lives of New Yorkers by taking an in-depth look at the neighborhoods and environment in which they live.

Faustina Mercedes

Crew sets up interview at the beach


DP/Cameraman: R.C. Adams

Crew interviews Mercedes


Project News Corner:
April 3, 2003 marked the launch of: "The Gwendolyn Taylor-Davis Project for teenage literacy"  
New York, NY, April 3, 2003 -- Gwendolyn Taylor-Davis, cited as the Librarian of the Year is writing a new chapter in her career on a new CD recording as the The Worlds Finest Rappin Librarian.  

Using rap music, Taylor-Davis is planning to launch an educational workshop, The Gwendolyn Taylor-Davis Project for Teen Literacy and Education to help teenagers understand and appreciate the rhythm and movement in creative poetry, reading and writing. We have learned in our poetry programs, the power of poetry in the lives of the young adults, whether they read it, recite it or write it, says Taylor-Davis. Its a way for them to resolve conflict, to make shifts in their lives, to find positive communal support. It gave them a sense of self worth. She is enlisting the participation of members of the literary and music community to help promote teen literacy by combining their passion and talents with hers on a DVD. All profits from the sales of the DVD will be donated to charity.

 The Gwendolyn Taylor-Davis Project for Teen Literacy and Education featuring The Worlds finest Rappin Librarian will be produced by RKV/Brooklyn Group in association with J-LoGisticX AV.

Executive Producers: Robin C. Adams & Michael Helman

October, 2003

Gwendolyn Taylor-Davis was recently featured as

 "New Yorker of The Week" on NY-1 News.


L to R, Gwendolyn Taylor-Davis & Dorothy White

1993 Philadelphia Daily News Article
Director, Robin C. Adams with Boyz II Men - FOX TV Series: "Stanley T. In Da House"